About The Brainstu Radio Network

Sophisticated, elegant & responsible. Those words might be used to describe many, many things, but not Brainstu Radio. Brainstu Radio holds nothing back when it comes to discussing current events, pop culture & entertainment. Where other shows and networks claim to be “uncensored”, Brainstu Radio prides itself in being raw, honest & free of any post-production editing. What you hear when you download our shows is what was broadcasted live. We strongly believe in being transparent with our listeners, because we know you guys aren’t stupid.

The Name

The name “Brainstu Radio” comes from the excellent song “Brain Stew” by Green Day. Originally named “The Mike & Hammy Show”, needing a more original name was needed. The rest is, well, you know…

The History

The roots of Brainstu Radio began in 2004 at the County College of Morris radio station as “The Highlight Reel”, a variety sketch comedy show that had students of the Communications department participate with bits and sketch writing.

Members of the show branched out in January of 2007 to internet radio and formed “The Smoke Break”. The Smoke Break lasted 8 months before disbanding in August later that year.

After an 8 month hiatus, in April of 2008, “The Mike & Hammy Show” was formed.

The show quickly got recognized by the bluegrass, older demographic of the station they were on. Shortly afterward, in summer of 2008, the show joined a younger, more hip station in the college town of New Brunswick, New Jersey. In the fall of 2009, the guys parted ways with the New Brunswick station and have broadcasted on internet stations from a home studio in northern New Jersey ever since.

After making names for themselves on every internet station they were a part of, Brainstu Radio decided it was finally time to do things on their own terms, on their own website, free to publish any content they want, and bring some friends along for the ride.

What started off as just one show, Brainstu Radio has grown into a network of shows covering all topics and issues ranging from comedy, to news & politics, professional wrestling & sports. 

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: We want to deliver you entertaining content, free of annoying pop-up ads, spam and other nonsense you get from other internet based shows. We want to do all of this while being completely uncensored. The only ads you hear on the show are from awesome sponsors and affiliates that love us and who we would spoon with.

Welcome to BrainstuRadio.com. Subscribe today!